What photos of you might surprise your social media audience?

What photos of you might surprise your social media audience?

The Candid Unearthed

Photographs, they say, are the visual exhibits of our lives. And isn't it true? They capture the best, the worst, and everything in-between of our mortal sojourn. And oh boy, we are living in a world where sharing these exhibits on social media platforms has become a quotidian routine. My name's Arlen, and I'll tell you what photos of you might surprise your social media audience. Strap in, because you never know what picture might take us on this odyssey of unveiled popularity!

The Childhood Luxuries

The journey begins from square one. Your childhood photographs! Don't we all love that nostalgic trip down memory lane? The cute outfits, the crazy haircuts your mum imposed on you, the never-ending fascination with animals, food, muck and whatnot! These photos, although might give you a slight cringe, would introduce your social media audience to a whole new side of you. They would be surprised to know the innocent, carefree, and quite possibly teething troublemaker Arlen that existed before I became a semi-serious blogger.

Say Cheese to Old School Snaps

Who among you remembers that horrid high school photograph, where somehow everyone ended up looking like an absolute goofy? Or the graduation photo with that oh-so-big gown that made us look like a spectacled-hawk? To spice it up, you can even share your university pictures, with unkempt hair, sleepy eyes, and the omnipresent ominous deadlines looming over you. Your audience might be taken aback to see your unglamourous yet indispensable journey.

The Hidden Hobbies

How about photos that reveal a hidden hobby, talent, or interest? For instance, I am an indiscriminate reader who devours books of diverse genres. Not many people on my social media knew about this until I shared a picture of me tucked in a cozy chair, surrounded by piles of books, engrossed in a voluminous piece of fantasy fiction. There was a sudden surge in engagement, with people commenting and shared their love for reading or their favourite books. Your followers might be intrigued to encounter this undiscovered side of you!

The ‘I-did-that’ Moments

Here's where we dive deeper. Share the photos of those moments where you tried something out-of-ordinary, where you gave in to that adrenaline rush. Be it skydiving, bungee jumping, painting an abstract art, baking a lopsided cake, or even joining a karaoke night and belting out the worst rendition of a popular song. I once shared a photo of me cooking. Trust me; the surprise was genuine; it mirrored my shocked expression when I managed to light the stove right.

Untamed Wilderness

Images with nature evoke a sense of mystery and awe. Photos of your wilderness exploration, the muddy hike, conquering of the windy boulders, or just a serene capture of you by the lakeside or amidst botanical enchantment could impart a spectacular colour to your profile. I remember sharing a click of my recent walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens here in Melbourne; the blooming flowers, lush green ambience, with me in the centre, squinting at the rising sun, it left my viewers utterly astonished.

The Charity Chronicles

Last but not least, your involvement in social activities and charity events can significantly sway your audience. Any contribution towards the amelioration of society and environment can showcase your empathetic side. Sharing photographs of your participation in such events as marathons, beach cleanups, tree plantation drives, or volunteering at animal shelters can inspire your followers. Infact, I shared my time volunteering at the local animal shelter, and the response was heartwarming.

Social media platforms have their charm and challenges, but bringing in forth your authentic self can always turn the table. So, pour yourself a cuppa, delve into your old albums or cloud storage and rediscover those buried snapshots of revelries. You might end up surprising not just your audience but also yourself.

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